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Monday, June 3, 2013

5 Rules to Common Decency...

At 28 years old, I am well aware that people sometimes genuinely suck. However, I always try to see the good in everyone; trust me that's not always easy. We as human beings need to really calm it down with the trash talking; especially if you don't even KNOW the person. How do their life decisions effect you in any way? Ok cool, you "tweet" to a celebrity telling them they are horrible people and you don't like them one bit. What did that do? That make you feel better? Three things; 1) chances are that person didn't even see that love note, 2) If they did they don't care 3) If they did see it and care, you just hurt someones feelings that you know nothing about. Mission accomplished?

My whole issue is, if you really loathe that person as much as you say; why are you taking precious time out of your busy life to tell them you don't like them? Being nice, respectful and cordial is non-existent in today's world and that is very sad. Remember the golden rule? Treat others the way you want to be treated; I know you've heard that on Reading Rainbow a handful of times. LeVar Burton where you at?!

 I have come up with some rules for being a decent human being since this world is so dense you people need a playbook to know how to act right. And fyi that's not trash talking that is just fact. So before you start being a bully or mean girl, think about these simple rules.

1) The most important rule of them all; do unto others as others do unto you. Now this doesn't mean Sarah called you fat and you go and sleep with her boyfriend. That's vindication. And unsanitary. This is simply, don't say or do anything to another human you wouldn't like someone to do to you.

2) Even if you don't like a celebrity or athlete or even just another regular person please remember that is YOUR opinion. Everyone is entitled to it but when you take to social media to express those hateful opinions that's all you're spreading; hate. Concentrate your time on how much you love Call of Duty or Rubin Studdard.

3) This goes out to all the grown women out there that are still caddy and bully others; you are in your 20's, 30's and sometimes 40's GET IT TOGETHER. If you put another woman on blast for something you don't agree with, chances are you are jealous or pure evil. Or both. STOP. You not only look childish, but if you don't already have children you will and I am pretty sure no one wants to teach their children to be scumbags. Lead by example.

4) If you think speaking to another human using hateful language makes you "cool" it absolutely does not. Recently a friend told me what a former guy friend of hers told her.. I was absolutely appalled. I have never heard such hateful language come out of someones mouth. Let alone a guy to a woman but another human being. He took all of her insecurities and rolled them all up to one big fat ball of hate. Now, I get people get angry, happens to the best of us, but how about we act like ADULTS and keep that serrated knife out of someones back.

5) This is more preventative but if you hear someone talking trash or experience it yourself, don't just let it go. I am not saying go light their house on fire; confront them in a respectful mature way. Rise above that nonsense but sometimes silence is acceptance. We can't let people word vomit all over the place anymore, we have to stand up for ourselves but it can be done in a respectful way.

Some of you may think this is hypocritical because I have mentioned some celebs' bad decisions in blogs before; but I will never use offensive language or directly come at them like a spider monkey. I just hope people understand that sometimes instead of expressing hate, it's best to try and express more love. Clean it up people.

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