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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

20 things women do that men can't stand

After talking with several dudes, and observing some of these myself, these are a few things us as women need to think about before doing.

1) Wearing too much make-up. A couple reasons why this annoys men. First of all they really do like what you ACTUALLY look like so no need to cake it all over your face, you look like a tranny. Also, your face gets all over their nice white work shirts if you give him a hug. This goes for too much tanning too...take it down a notch snookie.

2) Repeat things over and over. This goes for stories you tell him AND things you tell him to do. Now, if your man is like my dad who legitimately forgets things; disregard this. He will most likely do what you tell him in a timely manner IF you give him a time frame. If you don't tell him when you need it done, he will do it on his time, and that's your fault.

3) Interrupt them during a game on TV. If you are a sports fan too, you totally understand this rule. Those who don't, if your man is watching game at home, do NOT ask him what he thinks about your new shoes during third and goal; he will want to stab you in the eye with that heel. If he's out watching with guys, do not call or text him. Wait until half time if it's something very important. If it's not, leave him be.

4) Vagueness. This makes men want to jump off a bridge. BE CLEAR in what you are trying to communicate with him. Just as we get annoyed with their short answers, they get annoyed with us not telling them exactly what we are trying to say. JUST SAY IT.

5) Not being open to hang out with HIS friends. The fact he wants to bring you around his friends anyway is a good sign. Don't always make him hang out with yours. Even if you think your friends are cooler than his, try getting both groups together.

6) Being lazy. Guys HATE when they come home and see their girl in the same place they left her. Get up, find a hobby or do the dishes...(just kidding ladies)

7) Lengthy texts, emails, notes. Guys have a short attention span and when you are texting him 37 times in a row to explain a story or "get something off your chest". He will not read them. Keep it short and to the point.

8) Lack of confidence. This is a HUGE turn off for men. Don't fish for compliments, don't throw a tantrum when you are getting ready and you feel gross in everything; be confident. Even if you are miserable with your life, fake it. You might start to actually believe it.

9) Not taking care of yourself. We're all familiar with the term "letting yourself go"; even if you have been in a long term relationship, act like every day is the first time you met him. They don't expect you to look like a supermodel; just don't stop doing what you did to hook him in the first place.

10) Gossiping to them. They reallllly don't care who Jane hooked up with last night, unless it was you. Leave that for girl time.

11) Giggling uncontrollably at everything they say. They want to know you think they're funny, but when it looks like you are going to spontaneously combust because of your annoying laughter; that is over the top...and weird.

12) Saying "fine" when you're not.

13) Acting like a diva. We all have moments that we are somewhere and we would rather play in traffic than be there. Don't be a B, or act like you are "too good" for whatever it is you are doing. Even if you hate it, make the best of it and do it for him. There may come a time you want him to go with you to a Selena Gomez concert......if he hasn't already gone **Matt Marmaro

14) Not trusting him when he has done nothing to lose your trust. Innocent until proven guilty. Don't go through his phone, email, ask who he was talking to every time he gets off the phone. Now if you suspect something, refer to future blog "How to catch a cheater."

15) Being needy. He is not your keeper or babysitter. It is not his job to do EVERYTHING for you, so don't expect him to. You're more than capable of going to the store alone.

16) Judging other women. This comes off as insecure and a sign of cray cray.

17) Comparing them to your ex. Your ex is an EX for a reason. Also, talking about your ex too much. Just as much as we hate it, they hate it too.

18) Being consistently late. If you run late more than 3 times for something, he is going to start to get mad. Value his time just as much as you expect him to value yours. Guys if you know this, tell her whatever it is starts an hour before it actually does.

19) Talking about marriage. They aren't your Pinterest board. This gets incredibly annoying to them ESPECIALLY if you are near the time he may put a ring on it; never ever ask for the ring. Worse, talking about marriage when you only have been dating 2 months.

20) Bad hygiene. Self explanatory.

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