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Monday, December 2, 2013

15 texts women hate getting from men

1) "Hey/yo" by itself. Ummm hi? What exactly is it that you want?

2) "Sup" first of all you can't take time to write out WHAT'S UP? This isn't "fly" it's stupid and you sound uneducated.

3) "Where you at?" You ended a sentence in a a preposition first off; secondly what are you going to do come to where I am sans invite? Where you AT?

4) "Come over" uh don't tell me what to do bro. How about you ask politely? I'll come over if I want to come over. You're not the boss of me.

5) "Cool" I just told you my plans for the day and you're saying cool? Guess this conversation is over.

6) "What are you wearing" unless he is gay and truly wants to know what you are wearing, this is so annoying and chances are we are in our PJs.

7) "Send me a pic". Of what? My hand? Don't worry we know what you mean and some women may actually do this; but most will think you're a perv and you may get your pic but be careful because it might not be what you had in mind sweetheart ;).

8) Starting off a text convo with an emoticon. USE YOUR WORDS. This is a very awkward text to respond to from a woman's perspective.

9) "Let's meet up later" ok, likeeeeee how later? Is this a date or a chill with a group thing? Or a "I want to hang out after I get done partying with my boys" thing? We need to know if we are making actual plans or if this is a maybe situation.

10) "ha or haha" Unless we said something legit really funny, this is an unacceptable response.

11) "You awake?". No

12) "Yeah". I'm glad you are so enthused about this convo...

13) If you initiate a conversation and then take hours to respond to OUR response to your text. What was the purpose of you texting me in the first place?

14) When men ask "what are you up to" and we respond with "not much and you" and they reply with something like, "going to the gym" with NOTHING else to follow. Again, what was the purpose of this text? Are you really that concerned with what I am doing at this very moment?

15) "K".............................................I can't


  1. I thought your "30 things women want men to know..." article was decently accurate, but this is just a stretch of common responses that most guys use because they don't really care what you're doing. "K," "Yeah," and "Cool" are things that anybody says when they don't want to continue talking. Furthermore, "You awake," "send me a pic," and "what are you up to" with no response are things guys say when they want to hook up. Simple as that. Don't read into it, it means nothing more than "let's have sex." While I will be the first to admit that most guys are absolutely stupid when it comes to simply talking to a girl they like, these examples used here aren't something to hate. They are something to ignore.

  2. Agreed, Steve. And "What are you wearing?" is not mysterious. The guy is horny, probably masturbating, and wants a little cybersex chat. Participate or not, it's totally up to you.

  3. Haha thanks for the feedback, but when I do lists like this, I poll SEVERAL women and unanimously, these 15 made the cut.


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