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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

5 Basic Tips for Men about Dating

I've been slacking on this blog so I'm back!

I know many of you men out there feel like your girlfriend/wife is always mad at you or that, in her eyes, you are always wrong. You aren't necessarily wrong; you're just not doing the right things. Well fear no more boyfriends/husbands; I am here to break down the very basics of keeping your boo happy without handing over your man card on a silver platter.

Listen carefully men. Being one of the only single girls out of my girlfriends, every time YOU PEOPLE mess up; I hear about it first hand. These are some very simple things that you can do to get your woman off your case...and my shoulder.

1) Ask her out on a real DATE. In the same breath, do NOT text her. I get it's 2013 and that's how you kids today communicate but don't be that guy. The first 3 dates should be real, romantic, planned dates. I'm not saying you have to go out and spend your life savings; be creative.  **Please note: taking her to Taco Cabana at 2am after the bar does not constitute as a date. Nor does having her come to YOUR house; unless you are cooking her dinner. Ya'll need to understand that women want to be wined and dined and just a relatively nice dinner date could do wonders.

2) BE DECISIVE. This is the number one complaint I get from my girlfriends. If you guys have plans to do something and she asks "what are we gunna do babe" and you respond with "I don't care, what do you wanna do?"; expect an eye roll and a possible silent treatment. You are the man, you take control. Women will tell you if your plan is stupid but if you've been in a relationship for a while, you should know. Women get more upset and annoyed by you not making a decision than a dumb suggestion.

3) Don't look at other women in excess. We know you're going to look at the tall blonde with platforms walking to the bathroom; just don't over do it. Women are fine with it 90% of the time but if we can barely hold a conversation with you because your eyes keep darting to every girl in the place, you'll either get broken up with or slapped...or both. Also, if you make some idiot comment like "geeze her skirt is ugly" thinking to yourself "good save bro"; it wasn't a good save, women aren't idiots. Don't abuse this privilege.

4) Listen, but don't give your opinion or a solution. This one is tricky so listen up.  Women know you're not one of our girlfriends however we also expect our men to be comforting and on our side. If she has had a bad day at work because her boss is a jerk don't say "well if you don't like it just quit". No. No no no no no. First of all, that's stupid, second of all the right response is "that's terrible babe I'm sorry, what can I do to make it better". Ladies just want you to give them a hug, tell them it'll be ok and feed us chocolate. If you give your opinion on a solution and/or not pay attention to a word she's saying, that's a one way ticket into the dog house kids. If she starts talking about her tiff with her girlfriends and speaking girl language you don't understand, that's the time to let her know you're not equipped to handle this situation. That's what other girlfriends are for.

5) DO NOT excessively communicate with an ex. Do not facebook, twitter, snapchat, text, call, send smoke signals to an ex in excess. Women don't care how you broke up, why you broke up, that ya'll remain our head you still love her if you still talk to her. Trust me when I say women will probably act like it doesn't bother them and it's no big deal; but she's slowly losing her mind. Which in turn means you will get yelled at one day out of the blue. My advice would be cutoff all communication, but if you can't for whatever reason; keep it to a minimum. But don't EVER try to hide the communication. You may think you're protecting her because its innocent; in woman brain you're cheating. Plus we're smarter than you think, we WILL find out...don't get it twisted.

I hope this helps some guys out there understand the girl brain just a bit better. It's really not that hard, and if you still need help ask me! Cheers!

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