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Saturday, February 1, 2014

How do You Define Success?

Throughout my tumultuous, fantastic, tough, beautiful, 29 years of life I have gathered some sacred knowledge I would like to share with the world. Okay, let’s be real, I have no credentials to be talking about this but I am going to say my piece. This is deep so get ready…

How hard is it to actually be happy? I am simplistic so a bottle or 12 of wine and some cheese fries do the trick for me immediately. However some people just can’t find happiness no matter how hard they try. Everyone is different, everyone is beautiful, some people just plain suck. Cold. Hard. Truth. I have lived my life trying to find the good in things and people and the best thing I have ever done is realizing that sometimes, that just won’t happen. Period. Things suck, people suck, circumstances suck; but I DON’T; and that is all you need to get into the bubble of happiness.

For example, if you feel yourself lonely or sad; watch a commercial featuring Sarah McLaughlin. That will make you understand things could be worse.  If you find yourself the only single one out of your friends…understand your time will come (no pun intended). If you aren't happy with your job or life in general, only YOU have the power to change it; so stop making excuses and just go for it! What do you have to lose? What are you scared of?  Rejection? Coming from someone that is rejected pretty much 78% of the time, trust me you get used to it. What is brilliant is, when you expect rejection and get acceptance, it’s like finding a $20 bill in the pocket of your jeans; totally unexpected but appreciated. Plus, those people that say no can go play in traffic during rush hour on 635 while sipping their soy latte dreading going home to their miserable life after their miserable job.

Success is relative; and every person has a different definition of success. Some find success monetarily; others in “rank” or working your way up. All of the above are great definitions of success…but what does success mean to you? My unsolicited definition of success is happiness within YOU. Broke, rich, good looking, etc; as long as your heart is content, that is YOUR success.

Don’t let others control your emotions. Don’t judge others for their life decisions even though you might not agree. That’s the beauty of being an individual. Don’t let anyone EVER tell you you aren’t good enough; because passion and drive can take you places the dude in the tailored suit would never be able to take you. Most importantly, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Don’t go all Kanye and throw the Richter scale of arrogance into overload; but be confident and DO NOT EVER settle. Dreams never die. No matter what your true passion in your heart of hearts is, it will be with you always. Don’t let it go to waste. You don’t want to wake up old and decrepit one day asking yourself why you never tried to sing in front of people; you probably can’t even remember what a song is at this point.

So the moral of this story is just to believe and take chances. Life is short and sadly we have been raised in a society where we work to live not live to work; and work isn’t work if you love what you are doing. Even if for a split second you get to live out a dream; make it happen. Don’t be afraid. Job wise, relationship wise, buying the weird vest you saw at Banana Republic. Regret is arguably the worst emotion anyone could possibly feel. **Please note I am IN NO WAY promoting YOLO…you have responsibilities, you’re an adult. Read this for what it is.

You are you for a reason. Rock that slosh beanie, wear some hooker heals to a bar..WHO CARES!?!?! The key to happiness is you. That’s it.

Ooook soooo putting the wine down now…. Hashtag wine induced insight.

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