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Friday, March 14, 2014

Partying in Your Early 20's v Late 20's....It's a List...You're Welcome.

Since St. Patricks Day is tomorrow I find it hilarious how different people in their late 20’s approach this holiday than in their early 20’s. Which lead me to a list…unfortunately. However, nothing makes you feel the sting of getting older like realizing you physically, mentally and emotionally can’t handle an aggressive social life anymore.

1)      Early 20’s, you spend hours on end getting ready to go out on a Friday night. Late 20’s, you spend hours on end deciding whether or not to even get out of your pjs.

2)      Early 20’s, you can rage until the sunrise. Late 20’s, you can rage until you realize your body physically cannot take any more…of anything.

3)      Early 20’s, you bar hop to the hippest bars. Late 20’s, you may bar hop, but it will be to the same 2-3 bars you always go to.

4)      Early 20’s, you are pumped to try out the new club or bar. Late 20’s, you DRED going to the new club or bar purely due to the fact you can’t handle crowds…or loud music…or people in general.

5)      Early 20’s, you love meeting new people out and can’t wait to party with them next weekend. Late 20’s, you stick to your group of friends and unless you meet someone who knows someone or works in your industry; you will not be seeing Jane from Sherlocks any time in the near future.

6)      Early 20’s, you look forward to dressing up and tearing up the town. Late 20’s, your stomach churns when someone mentions going somewhere that requires any attire that isn’t jeans and/or leggings.

7)      Early 20’s you can live without sleep for an entire weekend. Late 20’s, you pick a going out day…either Friday or Saturday; but never both; you need at least a day to relax from your week of being an adult.,

8)      Early 20’s, if you stay home on a Friday night you feel like you’re missing something. Late 20’s, you can’t find anyone to actually go OUT with on a Friday night

9)      Early 20’s your favorite thing in the entire world is a theme party. Late 20’s your favorite thing in the entire world is when the new Game of Thrones episode comes on.

10)  Early 20’s, you will go to any after party no matter when or where. Late 20’s, an after party starts after you’re done with happy hour around 9:00; and you must know who is throwing it, who they know and if they have ever been convicted of a violent crime.

11)  Early 20’s you drop it like it’s hot on every dance floor. Late 20’s you drop it like it’s hot then can’t get up.

12)  Early 20’s you embrace crowds and love getting in the middle and fist pumping. Late 20’s if there is a crowd, you’re going home or will complain the ENTIRE time until you can dip out of there without telling anyone.

13)  Early 20’s a big event or party lasts days leading up. Late 20’s the mental and physical preparation for 6-8 hours of partying lasts days…and may or may not include a cleanse.

14)  Early 20’s your main concern is when the bar stops selling booze. Late 20’s your main concern is when the bar stops selling food.

15)  Early 20’s road trips are the BEST THING EVER! Late 20’s, you will do anything, even take a bus (Cough cough Julie) to not have to drive to your destination.

16)  Early 20’s you will stand the unbearable cold in a dress because its “super cute”. Late 20’s if it’s that cold…ain’t no one got time for that. It's either Uggs and sweatshirt or HIMYM marathon.

17)  Early 20’s, you have meticulous plans two weeks in advance for an event or party such as NYE or St. Patrick’s day. Late 20’s, your plans consist of waiting until someone tells you what time to be there.

18)  Early 20’s groups of 15 friends to party with!! Late 20’s you’re lucky if you can find 2…

19)  Early 20’s even if your friends look ratchet you still tell them they look good because you’ll hurt their feelings. Late 20’s your friends will kill you if you let them going out looking like a stripper.

20)  Early 20’s=hungover. Late 20’s…death.

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