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Saturday, April 19, 2014

10 Things We All Hate to Love in 2014

Let's face it, we live in a self-indulgent society. The arrogance and entitlement that consumes the world today is fueled by social media and the need to be "popular" in life. However, I find it quite amusing that the same egotistical people that complain about certain things wrong with the world today also can't help but succumb to the societal norm; myself included. It's almost like a vortex that sucks you in and won't let you go; and if it did you probably wouldn't want to...So this leads me to make a list, yes a list, of all the things people hate to love about this day and age.

1) Selfies: There is a even a song about selfies. Although this is the number one most arrogant thing to do on social media, everyone does it at one point in time. We get what you look like but thanks for the reminder...and you better believe if I am having a good hair day a selfie is sure to ensue.

2) Cryptic Facebook Status': This is more for the ladies because men aren't smart enough to be cryptic...or they are just too lazy. (Insert song lyric here). Yes "JOE", this status IS for you because I am too much of a chicken shit to say things to your face. On the other hand this is a very safe way to get your point across without giving up too much control.

3) Meaningless quizes: They have absolutely no scientific backing but we take them and believe that the German Shepard is our "soul dog". They're harmless and can kill time but don't get too carried away.

4) Stupid TV shows that have 7 million unrealistic plots: Game of Thrones anyone? So we have a midget king who I still don't know if he is a good guy or bad guy, a chick that is boning her own brother, some paralyzed dude that was a king or prince but is now paralyzed....WTF is going on here? Since when is this outrageous scenario good TV? Welp, considering the cult like following I'd say now.

5) Duck/Fish faces in pictures: Here's the deal, I hate my smile but I have good cheek bones soooo I'm going to go ahead and accentuate my best features and if it comes across in the form of these faces so be it. Don't hate on the kissy faces either.

6) Ranting on social media: We as a society need to embrace whatever little constitutional rights we still have and social media is the perfect outlet for free speech. If you don't like it, delete, delete, delete.

7) "Tagging": Whether it be a "check in" or a picture our elitist brains subconsciously (or consciously if you really are that big of a prick) want to show people how cool our lives are but we like the subtlety of the "humblebrag"  . Now, I am going to go ahead and say 85% of the time this is a smoke screen to the misery we all actually live in; but whatever works.

8) Googling people: Again, it's 2014 and people are bat shit crazy these days. You better believe if homeboy asks me out I will do significant research to make sure you aren't a serial killer; background check will in fact be ran if things start to get serious. You aren't nuts for doing this... better safe than sorry right?

9) Online dating: Dating online is a tad more acceptable these days but people still don't like to admit it. However, good things CAN actually come from dating online and you don't have to shower to do it.

10) Lists: Case in point.

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