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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

30 Things Women Want Men to Know Continued....31-50

Continuation of the 30 things women want men to know; because let's face it, men need some help here.

31) The toilet seat is really not THAT big of a deal. Just another thing for us to throw in your face when we are mad.

32) We WILL go to great lengths to see if you are lying. Girls are 007 if need be and women will stop but nothing to get to the bottom of your BS. She's already Googled you on the first date so 90% of what you are saying to her she already knows. This isn't being creepy; it's good lookin' out.

33) You may think you are smarter than us but in reality, you aren't and will never be. Call us crazy all you want. 

34) If you order for us, you better know what we like. It's great in theory a man will take over and order your dinner; however with the influx of "fad diets" etc it can be a struggle to know exactly what your girl wants. Best to just let us do it unless you are 110% sure she will like it; better be safe than sorry and trust me, you will be sorry.

35) "The power to have the ability to please a woman is greater than the power to actually do it" I stole this quote from a friend of mine and it's so true. It is very easy for women to tell when you are trying too hard. 

36) We notice when you do little things that are signs of protection. Sleeping closest to the door or sitting where you can see the door are signs you truly care about our well being...or really want to get in a fight.

37) We notice when you STOP doing the little things.........

38) We are more worried about how our body looks to you than you do. You can tell us we are beautiful until you are blue in the face but until we feel comfortable with ourselves, it doesn't have much value. However if you don't reassure us you better believe that has a deep impact...just sayin'.

39) Owning a gun and knowing how to shoot it is incredibly sexy.

40) Don't bring up ANYTHING that  may have a serious emotional toll on us during our "time of the month". This is for your own safety.

41) Random sweet gestures WILL be rewarded.

42) Claiming us is the sweetest thing you can do...but not too soon or not too long. I know we are complicated.

43) We are constantly on the lookout for new girls in your life. If we haven't heard her name and she is contacting you...go go gadget watch.

44) A sweet compliment has a shelf life of .05 seconds. After that, it's back to normal. 

45) Don't ever EVER think the silent treatment will work. It will come back ten fold. DON'T DO IT!

46) We hate when men are critical of other men; just like you are with women.

47) Don't try to pick out her outfit. If you want to get us a present, gift card. We will most likely get offended you don't know our measurements and/or style. 

48) If you don't know our middle name by the second month of're out.

49) We absolutely realize your friends want to sleep with us; and we will push the envelope here and there but will never actually follow through. We want to get a reaction out of you...and for you to get better friends...

50) Don't attempt to ask us our dating history if you haven't divulged yours....

I have a feeling this isn't the last of this list...stay tuned ;)

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  1. Katie, you're nothing short of a guru <3 just one more blog of wisdom


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