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Monday, June 30, 2014

FAQ About Dating in 2014

As of late, I have come across friends, and even random, women and men that are having a hard time figuring  out the dating game. As much as we all say we HATE games and if it is right it should be easy but here's the deal, it's always a game; no matter how old you are. I have said ad nauseam I give amazing advice but don't take my own; and again, those who can't do teach.

These are questions/situations REAL women and men have come to me with; and I have provided my answers to help navigate this chess game of dating in 2014.

Q) Is it ok for the girl to pay on a first date?

A) No. Never. However, you must always ALWAYS do the fake wallet grab. A couple things about the fake wallet grab; it makes you seem like you don't expect him to pay and is a tell tale sign he is either a good dude or to say bye Felicia. The catch is if he DOES accept your offer you have to be prepared to pay so don't get it twisted. At that point, if he does accept, he's out, move on. Don't push; say "are you sure?" and stop it there. If he is a stand up guy no way is he going to let you pay. have played "strong, independent, I can do it myself girl" all night. Then, he is probably scared you will lay him out if he doesn't accept.

Q: How long do I wait to contact a girl after the first date?

A) This is 2014 so obviously texting is the standard form of communication. If you had a good time text her that you did have fun after you two part ways. Do not play into the three day rule. Chances are she is over you by then.

Q) Should a guy pick me up?

A) Absolutely not. Unless you know him from a trusted mutual friend. This day and age you never know who these people turn out to be so first and second date, meet him. This is for your safety. For real....and carry mace.. just saying.

Q) What happens if I don't hear from them? 

A) This is so ridiculous I can't. If you want to talk to them DO IT! Don't be excessive or too persistent but if you feel like communicating, no one is stopping you. Don't wait for the other one to do it because they may be feeling the same thing.

Q) She never responded to my text. Why?

A) She's just not that into you...sorry bro.

Q) He never responded to my text. Why?

A) He forgot, sleeping. working, working out, with friends, doing laundry, playing call of duty, too lazy to get his phone off the charger...orrrr he's over you. 

Q) Should I call a girl to ask her on a date?

A) Yes, she most likely won't answer but it's the thought that counts. Don't leave a voicemail then text her that you called to ask her if she wanted to go out...she will appreciate the effort and the awkwardness is eliminated.

Q) I went out with a guy last week and his friend asked me out this week. Should I go out with him?

A: Quite the loaded question. 1) Who do you dig more? 2) How close are they? 3) Did you sleep with the other guy? 4) Did said friend get the ok from original dater? All these questions need to be answered for consideration of dating a friend of a date.  If you're asking this question that means you are contemplating it; ergo that original date didn't do the trick. If it is cool with date number 1 have at it.

Q) When should I introduce him to my parents?

A) When he is sober

Q) What shouldn't we talk about on the first date?

A) Exes, money and your therapist 

Q) How old is too old? (girl)

A) If he qualifies for Medicare...too old

Q) How young is too young? (guy)

A) Depends what state you're in...check ID

Q) The guy I've been seeing is constantly on his phone. What should I tell him? It is so annoying!

A) First of all, this is the most disrespectful thing ANYONE can do while on a date. EVERYONE PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN! Unless you have a family emergency; business can wait, friends can wait, especially social media can wait. However ladies, not going to lie from experience 75% of the time he is texting other women. Watch out.

I hope this helps all you struggling daters out there suffering from these issues. There definitely will be a part 2 to this so stay tuned!

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