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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Narrowed Minds Cause Narrow Hearts

Ok, so this may sound cynical but I have been hearing/reading psycho babble bs on how to be a "woman". First of all, define the term woman? Is this "I am woman hear me roar" type crap, or the "that's not ladylike" verbiage? Second, who is ANYONE to tell us 50 ways to be a "woman"? Pretty sure I learned that in sex ed in high school bro but thanks for the insight. Let's be real, it's 2014 and times are changing. To be a "woman" you have to write thank you notes? Umm ok, 95% sure those go unread and in the trash. Since when did being a "woman" or a man fall into a list of opinions??? The specs for being a "woman" according to these "lists" are quite unattainable these days.  I'm no feminist, and I've been through times where I lost sight of being what a "woman "was. More importantly, I lost sight of me.

So before you all quit reading I'll make you a list... 10 ways to be a "woman"; real talk.

1) Be literate. Just know how to talk good.....

2) Have your OWN opinions.

3) Listen to your heart. There is no stronger muscle in the body.

4) Own up to your mistakes; and fix them.

5) Understand it may IN FACT be you, not them. Identify, analyze, and solve.

6) Believe in something. Anything.

7) Wear heels, or don't. Who cares

8) Open your mind to all the possibilities of life.

9) Teach yourself that perception is reality.

10) Be you. Don't ever feel the NEED to pretend. You're great. Own it Felicia.

11) Be accepting.

Okay, that was eleven. I could go on.

Side note: thank you Bryan S.  and Chasen at Encore Dallas for everything!!!

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