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Monday, October 7, 2013

Why LSU is the Most Overrated Team in the NCAA: Cold Hard Facts

**Disclaimer: If you are an LSU fan you may not want to read this because you will then have no argument. Also, I respect LSU as a team, and I am not speaking to their education program, this is just my opinion as to why LSU is the most overrated team in the NCAA.

So, I don't have some vendetta or grudge against LSU's football program. I just believe they get WAY more hype than they deserve.  I am not saying there aren't other teams out there that get more credit than they deserve; I just think LSU is absolutely NOT an elite football team, especially for the SEC. Also, there are teams that SHOULD get more credit (cough cough Texas Tech) especially because recruiting to a farm town is like choosing to live in Oakland. I am giving cold hard facts and feel free to argue all you want; but I have a feeling anyone that would argue me is an LSU fan.

I will get my smack talking out of the way first. Texas Tech fans are bad, I will say that. We throw tortillas at you whatever whatever. LSU fans are just plain vicious. If they are losing, or even worse winning, if you say anything negative about them they will rip your head off and eat you like a crawfish. I had an LSU fan one time call me a hmm what was the wording  he used? Oh yeah, a "skeleton faced swamp bitch". Which I found ironic being a LOUISIANA fan. Being a schizophrenic jerk is not a good look on anyone. If you are going to act like a moron at least have the talent to back it up. I will take heat from Pats fans even though I don't like the Pats; but they are an elite team so smack talk away.  Now on to the facts...

LSU has only won 3 championships one of which was in 1958 the other was under Nick Saban. The last championship WAS under Les Miles in 2007. I know people will argue, in my mocking voice, "Well how many championships has your team won?". Well fine, you're right however WE aren't hyped up to be one of the best college football teams in the nation. We are the kids in the back of the class doin' work and shuttin up. The next thing is, Since 2008 LSU has NEVER gone undefeated overall. Yes, in 2011 they did go 8-0 in conference; but that year they also lost to Bama in the championship game 21-ZERO. Also since 2008 their wins,besides gimme schools like Tulane, have never exceeded roughly more than 10  points give or take. If you are going to be considered "elite" I would think over the course of 5 years, there would be at LEAST one blow out with at least an equally as good or moderate team.

Now, let's compare LSU to Texas. Although the Big 12's glory days are over now, it was a force at one point. The last 7   years Texas has had some pretty tough schedules. Now did they play Bama and Georgia? No, but they definitely held their own against USC in the Rose Bowl in '06. Not to mention,(side note: I hate that statement because I will in fact mention) that UT has made appearances in the championship twice under Mac Brown; and the SOLE reason UT lost that year was because Mccoy got injured, yet the score was STILL 37-21. One of LSU's championship wins was with, debatably the best coach in college football; the other was Miles WITH Saban's players. Yes they did make an appearance in 2011 but like I said before, 21-0. Also, people want to say A&M is overrated. Ok, if you think joining the toughest conference in college football with a redshirt quarterback, beating Bama AT Bama then go on to an 11-2 overall and a 6-2 conference record (LSU went 10-3 overall and 6-2 conference) is overrated, you're trippin'. Give credit where credit is due (regardless on your personal opinion of Manziel).

Now on to the NFL...LSU has 44 active players in the NFL right now; you know who also has 44? Texas. Most of the players active from LSU are defensive players except for  Dwayne Bowe, Trindon Holliday and Michael Ford; they also have Matt Flynn but eh. But I will give them Bowe and Holliday and I will also give them Morris Claiborne because well, he is our CB. Do you happen to know what college team produced(s) the most NFL players? Miami. With 53 active players on the NFL roster, Miami (Atlantic Coast Conference fyi) has produced little names like, Frank Gore, Jimmy Graham, Andre Johnson, Ray Lewis, and the player formally known as Mousecop. Surprising in my personal opinion Cali is up there too. A. A Ron Rogers anyone? Marshawn Lynch? HMD! Shane Vereen? LSU does produce some NFL players however if you actually LOOK at the active players, they are 85% defensive and they all play for crap teams; besides Bowe, there is no denying that.

So all in all do I think LSU is a good team. Yes, and they pretty much always will be. BUT that is all they will ever be... is just good. So bandwagonners how about you choose a team you have no association with whatsoever that IS actually an elite team. Again, in my opinion you have a few options: Georgia, Alabama, Oklahoma and A&M. Oh and Texas Tech OF COURSE!!!!! I am sure I will get millions of reasons why I am wrong but these are not wikipedia facts; these are ACTUAL facts as to why I think LSU is good, but overrated.

Apologies to my LSU fan friends, who I will say are all very very smart and I love ya'll butttttt facts are facts.

PS: If you don't watch Key and Peele some of my comedic references will make zero sense to you. That is all.

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