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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

35 things ALL women do/have done more than once in their lives...

1)      Not washed our hair in 4 days and just keep using dry shampoo until we could basically grease a pan with our hair.

2)      Sat and learned the lyrics to a really hard rap song by listening to it over and over and over again so we can impress people with our rad rapping skills.

3)      Brushed teeth, hair, done our make-up, changed complete outfits, and maybe even put in a tampon all while driving.

4)      Sat in front of the mirror for hours on end trying to get our eyebrows just right…then realize we no longer have eyebrows.

5)      Sat in front of the mirror and just stared. Dreading the getting ready process and mentally preparing ourselves.

6)      Have at least one special pair of “sex underwear” and this also goes for “that time of the month” underwear.

7)      Painted over our already painted nails because we are too lazy to take it off and re-do it. At about the 5th coat it’s easier to peel off than to use polish remover.

8)      Got motivation to go to the gym because of the hot guy that goes at 5:15pm every day…sharp.

9)      Learned the choreographed dance to a popular song…and not just in high school for dance/cheer. Just out of boredom; and to show off our sweet moves.

10)   If no one is going to see/touch our body…we leave the razor be until it gets too much.

11)  Known the difficulty and strategery in going to the restroom outside and trying not to get it on our shoes.

12)  Woken up before our man does to put a little make-up on to make it look like we just wake up looking that good…

13)  Driven by our crushes/boyfriends house, place of work etc to see if his car is there. Then not really do anything with the information; but we get giddy just by seeing his car.

14)  Instead of eye make-up remover, our fingers work just as well to take off mascara.

15)  Have a unique mirror face when we are putting finishing touches on hair/make-up about to walk about the door.

16)  Went out on a work night wearing work clothes, had a sleepover, and wore the same thing the next day; praying no one will notice.

17)  Logged in to our friends Facebook account to stalk an ex we blocked.

18)  Made a friend take down a picture they posted of us because we look like death.

19)  Been late to something because we weren’t sure if we “had to go”…if you know what I mean.

20)  Belted out a girl power song in your car that reminds us of our cheating ex; and lose your voice because of it. Example: Carrie Underwood’s “Undo it”.

21)  Have tried any and everything to plump our lips.

22)  Gave a guy a fake name but right phone number while out then get really confused when he texts us saying “It was nice to meet you Sasha” ….??

23)  Not remembered a guys name and when you see him out again you introduce your friend so he can say it again…then get even more frustrated when he says “Nice to meet you” UGH SAY YOUR NAME!!!

24)  No toilet paper…improvise

25)  Not gone out because of a monster blemish…even though no one really notices…but you do.

26)  Bought lingerie you have never ever worn…and probably won’t ever wear.

27)  Wondered why that red lipstick looks amazing on your girlfriend but makes you look like a contestant on Toddlers and Tiaras.

28)  Worn shoes we want to throw across the room and burn at the end of the night…but they looked really hot....and we will endure the brutality again and again

29)  After a few drinks looked through our phones thinking “hmm what dude can I text right now”

30)  If anyone comes to our house/apt and it’s messy; everything goes in the closet or under the bed. 

31) Thought your friends boyfriend was hot. 

32) "Accidentally" texted your plans for the night to a dude then pretended it was meant for your girlfriend.

33) Running out of your make-up one product at a time makes you want to die. 

34) Have done the "friend-off"..."Oh hey Sarah, this is Joe!" .....later Sarah and Joe....

35) Had an emotional breakdown out of no where...hopefully not in public

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