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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Girl Code and Bro Codes That Must Not be Broken

Girl code v guy code

There are many unwritten "codes" in the rule book of chicks and bros; however I am going to go ahead a write them down for all those who have been offenders of said codes and/or just need to know what could potentially be grounds for termination of friendship.

We will start with Girl Code...

1) Do NOT I repeat DO NOT EVER date/hook up with/be anything more than friends with your girls ex without asking permission. I would normally advise don't even go there at all; but if you think you truly have a connection with an ex of a friend, ask her first.

2) Do not repeat secrets one girlfriend tells you to another girlfriend. Even if you think you can trust that other chick; just don't do it.YOU were told something in confidence, it is not your place to tell anyone else. This is called gossip ladies.

3) Tell your friend when her "look" is not working. This may be hard at times but you are doing her a favor. Have you ever gone out and looked at a girl and wondered how her friends let her go out looking like that? Yeah, don't be that friend. Tough love.

4) Along the same lines as above, tell your girlfriends when they are ACTING a fool. Whether it be in her relationship, in the workplace etc; you, as a friend, are responsible for telling her she's being a hot mess. Again, you are doing a favor to her.

5) When she comes to you for relationship advice, don't automatically side with her. and say screw him. Hear her out; she may not being seeing signs that a third party sees SHE is doing.

6) Be honest with her and don't judge. Like the great Salt N Peppa said brilliantly, "There's only one judge and that's God. So chill and let my father do his job.".

7) KNOW HER TYPE before trying to be a matchmaker. No one likes awkward dates; especilly if she displays the, "Oh hell no you didn't" all over her face.

8) Don't go after a guy you are well aware has a girlfriend or wife. Would you would some hooker going after your man KNOWING he's attached? Didn't think so..

9) Do not even come close to remotely flirting with the guy she is currently involved with. You shouldn't even have his number in your phone. FRIEND ZONE IMMEDIATELY.

10) Be there for her always, no matter what; but don't let her rely on you for EVERYTHING.

Now on to Bro Code

1) See number one of girl code. Add in, don't ever have any communication with a former fling of your bro behind his back. Period.

2) Do not lend money to your guy friends. They are men, and if you are over the age of 24, they can figure it out. This will only cause turmoil in your bromance.

3) If your friend is hitting it off with a chick and you are stuck with her not-so-cute friend, suck it up and take one for the team. This doesn't mean you have to take her home etc. Just be a wingman; you never know when you'll need one.

4) Do NOT communicate in any form in excess to a chick your homeboy is currently dating. You want to sleep wth her and guys cannot have girl "frends" without passing that threshold and this is bad news.

5) If you know your dude is cheating on his girl, shut up. I know so many women would disagree with this but it is none of your business. The only time you have a right to say something to the girl is if you introduced them or you were friends with her before him.

6) Don't call your bro out about the other women he may be dating in front of the girl he is with at the moment. You make think it's funny; but you just threw that cat right under the bus.

7) If your dude friend is dating a girl you cannot stand; you absolutely have the right to tell him the reasons time. Don't keep bringing up how much you hate his girlfriend. He likes her for some reason; so if you have voiced your opinion before, lock it up.

8) Have his back always. Don't be that guy that stands back and watches his friend get ripped apart. This goes for any situation.

9) If your friend is diggin on a chick he saw first but she is clearly into you more; doesn't matter, leave her alone. Even if you kinda dig her too, find someone else. Too complicated.

10) Respect his privacy. If he doesn't want to tell you something going on in his life, don't push it. Guys are different than women in that when they are ready to tell you, they will. With women, we will get it out of our friends no matter what.

These are only SOME of the codes you mijos and mijas need to be following. Don't break the codes; you never know which coattail you will be able to ride so stay in good graces...

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