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Thursday, January 16, 2014

20 Things That Will Ruin a Girl's Day...

This was inspired by a blog I read that was written by a DUDE that had no clue as to what exactly could ruin a girls day...

1) Driving to work with your coffee and spilling it all over yourself; usually followed by more horrific incidents during the day.

2) "That time of the month" coming at an inopportune time when you are around a bunch of males and/or cannot find a tampon to save your life.

3) Your phone being at 20% when there is no charger to be found. This could possibly be the worst feeling ever.

4) When you spend 45+ minutes on your hair and it looks exactly the same as how it did before...and/or just NOT right at all.

5) Trying on 16 outfits and nothing looks good...not even your "go to" hot shirt...Plans. Cancelled.

6) When your prospect/boyfriend etc doesn't contact you that all...whatsoever.

7) Any kind of car problem.

8) Getting a call from collections....because of your VS card, Neiman's card etc...I don't shop but the Best Buy debt collector and I are on a first name basis.

9) Remembering you forgot to take your a time it is VERY important....

10) Buying the wrong foundation and now you're either Powder or Snookie. Also, running out of important make up NEVER all at once.

11) When you finally cyber stalk your ex and see he has a girlfriend. Um are supposed to be miserable and alone?

12) When you are in your 30's and realize you are attracted to a guy and he's pretty much the ripe age of 19... jailbait... not cool

13) When you don't get carded over the age of 28.

14) You run out of shampoo/condition WHILE in the shower.

15) Being contacted by a recent ex at any given time.

16) Being up for a night on the town; and your girls that "were down", decided to stay in and watch the Notebook with their significant other.

17) Starving but having nothing in your fridge but pickles and cheese.

18) For the life of you, you can't remember something really important. You will not rest until you find out.

19) Having to buy razor blades.

20) You are out of wine.

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