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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Things Young, Successful Dudes Say

“That was a great idea, I am definitely sharing that on Google docs”

“Dude was wearing Armani… definitely gay.”

“I have to check with my lawyer first.”

 “Yo man I need to borrow your shoe polish, I’m out.”

“I was still drunk in my meeting this morning I fired Hank.”

“Yeah I’ll come over, you DO have Apple TV right?”

“My Mercedes blew up because it had grammatical errors.”

“Please don’t get wine on my Banana Republic jacket.”

“Sorry the place is a mess, the maid doesn’t come until tomorrow.”

“He pronounced patronize PAT-TRON-IZE…it’s a long “a” bro.”

“I’ll bet you $500 in cash right now I can jump this fence.”

“I am so sore from that deep tissue massage yesterday.”

“He is not qualified, he didn’t even wear a custom suit.”

“Girl, your toes are ratchet here’s some money, get a pedicure.”

"Google me."

“Who’s all there? Is it poppin’, let’s just get a table.”

“$345 for a bottle of Grey Goose…ha that’s a steal.”

“Can you roll your window up? It’s messing up my hair.”

“She doesn’t have to be smart, just coherent.”

“Then I found out she had a PC…..”

"Why are you asking where it is? You have Google maps don't you?"

“My phone died.”

“I have to charge my phone.”

“Does the bar have an iPhone 5 charger?”

"I have to go buy a charger."

“Do you have a charger?”

“My phone is literally about to die.”

“I met her on Tinder.”

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