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Monday, April 15, 2013

Can't We All Just get Along?

It's I wake up to my usual stiff neck from my 19 year old mattress, stretch it out and turn on the TV. To much dismay; my normal daytime TV was interrupted by a dude that shot and killed his pregnant girlfriend and a car chase that ensued. Later, The Talk, was cut into by news of an explosion in Boston...ok whoa. I know it's Monday; we all hate Monday, but is this really necessary?

Why are people so angry!? Forget the politics, terrorism or bad Steve Carrell movies; People need to chill OUT! I get people are angry. I get other countries, religions, Lady Gaga hate things; but to put the time and effort into MURDERING means you a damn fool. I am sorry if you are that hyped up you think setting a bomb off in the middle of people just trying to get their fitness on is going to bring us down? IT WON'T. You murder your pregnant girlfriend and then try to run from the po-po? You answer to the Devil not the DPD. I am no Miss America (written sarcasm is frowned upon) but why can't we all attempt world peace, just relax and get along?

There are times I would like to just kick someone but I take that out on my Jack on the rocks not innocent people.  These people just go about their business but you degenerates have to come along and  take your lack responsibility out on them. We all seriously need to take a lesson from Bob Marley and learn that One Love is a serious deal. Would a little herb help? Probably but that's not the point. The point is; if you are angry or think you are going to tear someone down by stooping to a fly on dog crap level; you will not. It will get you no where. All it will do is make people want to rise above you AND your playground idiocracy.

Today was a tragic day and those who were involved will pay. However the people who believe in people, believe in good, and believe in hope are the ones that are going to get the last word. So get ready all you soulless individuals; it's hammer time...**cue Batman signal.

**sidenote; this is the most pseudo serious blog I have written and I will end this with a non-sarcastic, serious note. People need to understand the value of a human life. Only WE control who we are. Stand up for what you believe in but understand sometimes you aren't the only soldier in battle.

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