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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Vulnerability is an Act of Great Faith for this Girl

As I am sitting here finishing my glass of wine (don't worry bros ya'll are safe, only had two) I realized life is shorter than asians genitalia.  This past weekend I, as did many, lost a good friend from college. My best friend and I were reminiscing about all the times we had with him; when we were floating the river and he was STILL wearing his Air Jordan's constantly ending up in the algae of the river. "Where is Caleb, aw man still in the darn algae screamin about snakes". That was C.. always keeping people laughing at the same time being a butt head.

When something like this happens. families and friends, begin to contemplate their life worth and reason for their existence. The reasons for people leaving this earth too early are unknown. However we all need to take a hot minute and cherish what we do have. In light of latter events this month I'll say it once and I will say it again; you are not the only soldier in your battle.

When speaking about relationships, as much as women AND men try to play it cool and act like they don't need the other is ridiculous. Do I pretend I don't want someone to kiss me goodnight and smile when they see me? yeeeeep sure do. Would I love to have that? Yep but I will never show it. Well, forget that because I guess I just did. However all that game-playing and wasted love is not good for the heart OR your will be bat s*&^ crazy at some  point. C had a loving girlfriend that is now left without the love of her life. Could you even imagine? No matter how much you want to "play the field" or be angry at an ex; life is short and the love you can find in life... you need to hang on to. Am I still dealing with something that was shocking in my life that made me question the one man I look up to a absolutely put on a pedestal? Yes I am and day by day I am trying to get over that. However it DOES NOT make me love him any less or have any character judgement whatsoever. Nothing has changed he's still the most amazing man in the world and I know he loves his dragutsa. Sometimes life hands you lemons. Sometimes you don't realize some people are willing to give you the world because they 100% truly care about you.

Moral of the story is no matter what tattered relationship, whether it be a mother, father, sister, brother, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife; stop for a minute to think why, of all people, do they love YOU? You absolutely do. This is such a downer blog but when did anyone ever think I would hold in emotions?! please...

I promise humor is coming back to the blog!!!! Stay tuned!

We'll miss you CM

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