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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Insane in the membrane

Alrighty, after extensive research and having friend after friend ask me how I feel on this;  I feel the need to address this subject that is plaguing women today.

Let me start off by saying these opinions are not only mine; but EVERY SINGLE woman I speak to about this subject.

When dudes make you think you're the crazy person. Almost every girlfriend of mine completely agrees. Women are crazy... yes we all are so get over it. However the craziness comes from you, sorry to say. Crazy is not out of the blue, but when men make women believe in the all allusive "happily ever after" then do a complete 180; girl brain goes on overload. Thankfully my brain is consumed with journalistic genius so there is no room for analysis; but I speak on behalf of all my girls out there. In dating; there is no "game" there is no "playing it cool" with girls. Women NEVER play it cool. We are great fakers, in more ways than one...

 What happens is men make women believe things and then turn around and say girls are crazy for thinking such a thing. HOW DARE WE!? Don't get it twisted; there are a lot of crazy broads out there but  "normal" chicks are smarter than you think.

If a dude is planning vacations with a chick, saying how much he likes her and acts like a boyfriend one minute then turns around and acts like an idiot the next; do NOT even get started on how the woman is the one being a nutjob. PLEASE understand men do it to themselves. If you are dating multiple women; be honest and tell them. 90% of the time they will respect you more for saying that than having you drag them along like a Chris Brown wannabe. Smart girls know what's up trust me. However it still doesn't make us less vulnerable to your cute dimples and sweet potential serial killer smile. We are suckers and most women are fully aware of that; but our judgement is blurred due to the mind f*&^ing  men play.

If men ever read this and take NOTHING else from this idiot blog please; I am begging you (for the sake of my phone bill/I should be charging for therapy sessions with my girls); Do NOT NOT NOT EVER tell a woman to "calm down" or "relax" if you are the obvious reason for the mental breakdown. The male species needs to understand if you are the ones getting women hyped not tell us to calm down. I can promise you those words will make things exponentially worse.

So, all in all like  I always say, honesty is the best policy..unless you get caught listening to Justin Beiber.. then we go with "that aint mine"

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