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Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Dating Draft

With the NFL draft today I wanted to weigh in on my opinions. However, I know most of the people that read this mind-numbing blog are women and would not appreciate why I thought Manti T'eo is going to get picked up by the Bears.

So I have decided to aim this toward what I am unsuspectingly good at writing about; men. I think there should be a "dating draft" system in place for the single gals out there. It would work like the NFL draft. Each spring, single girls will be able to draft new single men to date. 7 rounds and, depending on the ladies that want to participate; 1 pick per round. A Free Agent is a dude that is new or has no serious connections to any of the other girls and/or friends of other girls. A Restricted Free Agent would be a dude that is an ex of another woman or still dating or talking to one of the other women. If you decide to trade your pick for an RFA; the other girl he has ties to has an opportunity to match your offer. This is the only situation the guy will have a say...ergo why this is brilliant; we make the rules. The difference in the dating draft is if you lose your RFA, you DON'T get another pick. It's slim pickin's out there anyway we need to keep a good pool.

Pick position will be chosen by your dating history. If you have had a crap ton of failed relationships or haven't dated in a long time; you will be closer to first pick. The guys in the draft go where they are told. Essentially you will have 7 guys you will be able to go out with throughout the year and can release them at any time if it doesn't work out. Girls will have to be strategic in their drafting and draft different types of men. No one needs more than one kicker right? Research their stats. Guys that get drafted will have to go on at least one date with you and if you think it may work out; they are contracted to as many dates as it takes. The draft pool will consist of single guys with varied ages, looks, jobs etc, you get the picture.

Male slavery? Maybe, but if this wasn't borderline illegal and male cruelty; this would be such an awesome way to date! No wasting time with having to go out and meet someone; you got a brand new team at your disposal! Mull it over girls :)

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