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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Now the 5 WOMEN you should avoid...

Since I have done the 5/6 guys you shouldn't date, and I have gotten requests for this one. I will write about the 5 GIRLS men should be careful in dating. It will also give a bit of advice on how to handle this type of girl

Disclaimer** these are only my opinions and are general. These are just observations of women that typically, again in my opinion, are poison to a relationship.

1) Daddy's little girl: Now I am definitely a daddy's girl but in no way do I depend on my dad for anything but a corny joke and tickets to sporting events.  This girl has grown up getting everything from her daddy. She may be in her mid-late 20's and still getting an allowance. Now I am not talking sugar daddy here; I am talking real father whether it be adoptive, step, biological. She expects the guys she dates to do the exact same thing but he will never live up to her father which will eventually lead to an empty wallet and months of your life wasted. If she calls her daddy for money to shop and/or has a credit card with his name on it. She will probably wear all the high end designer clothes, drive a very expensive car and probably doesn't have a job or works as a cart girl at your local country club. This girl can be date-able but you will have to have a lot of money, be approved BY her father and be man enough to make her stop it with the dad and focus on you.

2) The "Girls don't Like me" girl: I have a lot of guy friends, but I also have a lot of girlfriends. I am not threatened by girls nor are they threatened by me. This type of girl SCREAMS drama. When you talk to her and all she talks about is how Brittany was talking about her behind her back and Suzie didn't tell her; she is this girl, and/or 15 years old. You take her out to meet your girlfriends or sister and she barely says a word and clings to you all night like if you leave her she will break your legs. She makes ZERO attempt to converse with other women while out and at the end of the night she will probably say something like "none of those girls talked to me, they must not like me for some reason ugh this always happens!" If you end up seriously dating her get ready to have no guy friends either. No one will want to be around you anymore or her. This girl is who she is. It is your choice if you continue your relationship. If you can handle drama, she will be awesome for you.

3) The Hot Chick: ok I am not saying ALL hot girls have terrible personalities but many do. These girls are always looking for attention and know they are hot. Sometimes even not so hot chicks have this attitude. When you talk to her you start to ask yourself if this is actually a human being. She pretty much only talks about menial things like shopping, or the latest Nicholas Sparks book, if she can read. She has been used to guys falling all over her and getting what she wants so good luck trying to get out of going to Les Miserable the same day as the NFC Championship game.  She is constantly looking for compliments and/or asking you if she looks pretty.  She will pretend to like sports because in her mind that makes her that much hotter, which it does but they really don't know what they are talking about. They are probably a baseball "fan" because it is the easiest sport to understand. When it comes game time on the couch, you better believe the fight with ensue over the Cowboys Giants game and the Bachelor. She probably has a job as a "Professional organizer" or "Fashion Consultant", if those are real jobs. She is your typical trophy wife/arm candy. So if you are looking for just a hot chick that doesn't have much to say; date this girl.

4) Miss Independent:  There is a big difference in being independent and TOO independent. I am a very independent woman but I am ok with a guy taking care or some things. I am actually working on getting out of this category.  She is a control freak, she wants to lead in every aspect of your relationship. All though sometimes a good thing, a man wants to be a man and she has a hard time relinquishing control over the relationship but then gets pissed off you didn't plan dinner or say sweet things to her. She has a good job which probably doesn't leave much room for a guy. This is the most date-able of the 5 because her independence isn't WHO she is it is just something she has had to do. If she finds the right guy it could change. For guys she needs a MAN. Someone who will make her give up the reins and make her feel like she doesn't need to control that just sounded like my dating advertisement.

5) The Party GIRL: This girl LOVES the "scene" getting her to stay home on a Friday night is harder than asking Oprah to stay the same weight for more than a year. She knows every bouncer and every bartender everywhere you go (and may or may not have slept with them too). She is always VIP and expects you to treat her that way. She probably drinks in excess which is bad news for you guys because it will probably result in cleaning up her throw up. If you ask her out somewhere the first thing out of her mouth will be "Who's all going". Guys you will be that idiot dude holding her purse in the corner while she makes her rounds saying hi to everyone in the bar. You will always fall to weigh-side and unless you have the hook up at an exclusive place, she's not girlfriend material. Now if you want just a one night thing there ya go!

Hope this helps you men out there. If you really want to date a good girl find one who is fun, energetic, has common interests but is willing to go outside the box. And who at least knows the name of the Vice President of the United States.

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