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Monday, February 18, 2013

No Dignity, No doubt...

So as I am sitting here watching the Bachelor and watching the species that are women voluntarily leap down the drain; I start to think about dignity. Not that I have much myself but I feel as though women today have wrapped it in a Target bag and thrown it out with the spoiled eggs. Why WHY are 25 women COMPETING for one guy then crying, contemplating their life worth after being kicked to the curb after 7 dates? This single handedly is the catalyst to the "crazy" epidemic. Women please read this verrrrrry carefully. If you throw yourself at a guy, he will ignore you. If you play too hard to get he will ignore you. If you watch the Bachelor and blog about it, he will ignore you...well maybe. Ladies let's do this; try and not be a certified psychopath and just see what happens. Let a guy come to you. TRUST ME if a guy is interested he will show you. We are all guilty of it. I have had one too many glasses of wine and regretfully texted and/or called someone who probably thinks I am grade A crazy. However, if you just be yourself (unless you really are certifiable), let a guy know you are interested and let him do the rest. Personally I have realized that I am just too lazy to be crazy. Whoa, that could be a reggae song. Anyway I digress. If a guy asks you out for the first time via text...OUT. If he asks you to "send a pic" unless you realize you are only going to be "that girl that sends pics"..OUT. Sidenote NEVER show your face idiots. If he can't make a decision on a date...OUT. Do not call and/or text him 2700 times, don't call his FRIENDS 2700 times, don't post on social sites you're with 5 dudes. GUYS DON'T CARE if they aren't interested in the first place. When it comes to dating, women need to have more self respect/self awareness. If you fully comprehend you are being ridiculous, mazaltov. If you actually think you are "playing the game" and "baiting" are dead wrong honey boo boo. All the single ladies out there stand your ground and stop it with the crazy. Capeshe?

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